Simon Haydo ‎– I Watch Them All As They Fall 12"

  1. Simon Haydo ‎– The Territories Marked
  2. Simon Haydo ‎– Keep Your Distance
  3. Simon Haydo ‎– The Strain Is Too Much
  4. Simon Haydo ‎– Knowing No More

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Please meet Simon Haydo, one of the key players in Stockholm's true school techno scene. A debut ep on Pär Grindvik's Stockholm LTD in 2008 and a mid-00's residency at legendary underground party Kruthuset was followed by a few years of cold, mysterious silence, which then suddenly and violently ended with the formation of Simon's DEM label in early 2013. Seven brilliant DEM releases later, Simon delivers his Studio Barnhus debut - the four-track ep I Watch Them All As They Fall. 

These fierce & fresh Haydo jams represent the very finest in MS20-induced techno hypnosis and make a perfect addition to the ever expanding Barnhus catalogue.

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