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Baba Stiltz ‎– Transit / Principles 12"

  1. Baba Stiltz ‎– Transit
  2. Baba Stiltz ‎– Principles
  3. Baba Stiltz ‎– Principles

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Oh so fresh 12'' from the Studio Barnhus camp – music by Baba Stiltz, artwork by Theodor Johansson. Transit is Mr. Stiltz on a night train, angelic voices and smooth tape hiss leading the stuttering acid sounds forward. Principles lets a canonical synth theme pave the way for a happy-go-jackin' campfire beat that just won't stop. Baba even threw in a little bonus ditty for all you freaks out there! 

Watch out for a Baba Stiltz long player dropping on Studio Barnhus later this year. Watch out for Baba!

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