Shakarchi & Stranéus ‎– Something... / Liseberg Remixes 12"

  1. Shakarchi & Stranéus ‎– Something...
  2. Shakarchi & Stranéus ‎– Jamison
  3. Shakarchi & Stranéus ‎– Liseberg (Portacode Dancehall Mix)
  4. Shakarchi & Stranéus ‎– Liseberg (Tapes Dub in memory of Travis Hall)

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Shak 'N' Stran everbody, everybody Shak 'N' Stran... Almost exactly one year after Dödskallar och korallrev - our first release from these golden children of Gothenburg - we can finally present two new tracks from Faik and Daniel, coupled with two remixes of Liseberg, the enlightened yet naive schaffel hymn found of the previous release. 

Something... has worked as a top secret weapon in all our best and worst dj sets since summer and we're very excited about sharing it with the world. Trust: When those neoclassic drum machine patterns guide the sneaky, apprehensive first part of the track into full on, heart warming house riff MANIA, spectacular things happen on the floor. 

Did we call the previous track ”heart warming”? Sorry, should have saved those words for Jamison. Based around a few simple harmonic elements, this warm blanket of sound could not have been sewn by any others than Faik and Daniel. No beats, pure bliss... and don't you dare call it a dj tool! 

True story: Sometimes we throw parties here in Stockholm. When we do, we'll more often than not invite Alan Abrahams over to perform for us. Portable / Bodycode is the best singin'/dancin'/knob tweakin' live act in the game and his ever evolving yet instantly recognizable sound brings so much joy to our lives. We asked Alan to pick a favourite track from Dödskallar och korallrev and send us his take on it. He delivered a ten minute long psychedelic dancehall epic sprinkled with the evocative melodies of the original and even took the time to make up a brand new alias for us. World, meet Portacode, Portacode, meet world! 

Just as all disco dance must end in broken bones, all psycho trancehall jams need to be followed by a proper dub version. London's mains-hum maestro Tapes took on the task of turning Liseberg into two and a half minutes of colourful, echoing modern dub ballad business. He dedicates his version to his sadly deceased friend Travis Hall, a man who lived and breathed dub music. 

Being able to release records like this was the reason we started Studio Barnhus. Faik, Daniel: Thank you, we love you, now go and make an album for us, pretty please! 

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