Jesper Dahlbäck ‎– Udda Katter 12"

  1. Jesper Dahlbäck ‎– Fransson
  2. Jesper Dahlbäck ‎– DX2 RMX

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Let's make one thing perfectly clear: Being part of the Jesper Dahlbäck discography is the greatest thing that has happened to our label up until now. This man is our hero. We really, really love Jesper. He lives inside Globen, northern Europe's largest spherical building, together with his dad John and flocks of sentient synthesizers. He draws cats. He made SK 011, 444, Centralbron, Midsummer Night, Babar, Russian Folksong, Carbon Oxide, I Love Water, all those brilliant Tiga productions... We really don't know what else to say - just try to imagine the history and future of this dance music thing we're all involved in without Jesper... Nah, rather not, right? 

These two tracks, Fransson and DX2 RMX, are up there with all those previously mentioned masterpieces. True story. Please listen / play / enjoy. 

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